Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Perinovus clearly states all the terms of privacy policy which is your right to know. Below-mentioned Privacy Policy clarifies how our company works, how we collect and utilize the information provided by our clients or gathered through other sources and how you can claim for your rights to privacy when needed. This Privacy Policy smears to personal data that we gather through our website at:

When you use our services in any way, you are agreeing to this Privacy Notice and allow dispensation of provided personal data under the conditions of our policies. In case you are not agreed to any of the clause or complete policy, please are requested to not to use our services.

How We Use Your Personal Data

We use the provided personal information of clients and visitors in the following ways:

  • To maneuver our business and to expand our services;
  • To provide products and services demanded by our clients;
  • To perform, complete and handle your required transactions during the purchase;
  • To deliver adequate and responsive customer service and to response assertively to petitions or queries by clients;
  • To stay in contact with you for business purposes;
  • To modify and target our marketing programs and promotional campaigns;
  • To create up-to-date newsletters, alerts, articles, declarations, requests, and other related information about our services and products.


We may arrange for functionality tools on our Site. This will permit you to share and forward certain content online. When you choose to use the option of website’s sharing tools from any page of our website, to refer our content or services to someone, we own rights to use some of the person`s identifiable date to proceed the process of sharing or sending the content on our website or our services.

Moreover, to share the content from our website, we may or may not offer admittance to some third-party sharing tools, like third-party social media tools / widgets /buttons. If you use that certain option, your usage is subjected to fall under the third party’s privacy policy and terms of that particular third party. You are recommended to view their policies thoroughly and in case of any inconvenience, connect to their representatives.


We keep on launching special offers, promotions, or ventures with specific policy terms and privacy notifications. We may also introduce permit forms that explain how the provided information will be utilized with association to our special programs.


We use provided information to improve user experience. We may use your personal and identifiable information for data analysis, to keep record of user`s activities, to maintain a log to respond your concerns, to know how our products and services impact you and those you consider for and to make our services better.

We also use the information from our clients for security purposes life to prevent users and our systems from scam, to monitor the visitors and to protect the site and users from hackers.

In addition to all these we may use the provided information to act in accordance with our organizational monitoring and reporting compulsions, which comprise adversative events, product or service complaints, and our user`s safety.


We can cumulate or de-identify the data about our site`s visitors and use it for company’s betterment in various purposes, like service and product expansion or enhancement.

Who We Share Information With

We take full responsibility of security of your personal and identifiable information collected from you. We involve third party service providers to coordinate with us in deliverance of better services and to enhance user experience. As part of that, specific third parties will process your Data on our behalf under our surveillance. All these service providers have limited admittance to your data only, in agreement with our Privacy Policy, and we guarantee each provider is obliged not to exploit or misuse your Personal Data.

Contact us

In case of any inquiries related to our use of personal information, you are requested to contact our team now at
Perinovus, LLC
242 Main Street,
Suite #102
Beacon, New York 12508
Phone: (845) 245-0561