Create Barcodes:

If you don’t already have a Company Prefix, the first step in the process is to go through GS1, The Global Language of Business, and license a Prefix to further your process in barcode creation.

If you already have your Company Prefix, the next step you need to determine is how many barcodes you need. If you have any difficulties figuring out how many barcodes you may need, we’d love to chat with you to determine how many.

Once we’ve established your Company Prefix and how many barcodes you will need, we need to know what barcode you need. If you’re identifying a product, you’ll need a UPC-A. However we are capable to identify your location (GLNs), assets (GRAIs), documents (GDTI), shipping and pallet cases (SSCC, GS1-128) and so much more.

We partner with GS1 (The Global Language of Business) and through the GS1 DataHub we are able to capture, share and identify your product on a universal platform where data is transparent and accurate. Every trading partner throughout the supply chain can have access to your product data, if given the permission. GS1 provides a universal data base for many reasons including reduction in error, such as having a duplicate barcode, fewer asset loss, features that ensure your barcode is accurate such as a check digit, and so much more.

Coupon Help:

When it comes to selling your product, coupons is one of the top ways companies drive business to their store. Most companies know that the use of coupons today is a great way to build your customer base. Coupons can encourage a customer to try your brand, get a customer to come back to your store, minimize advertising costs and provide a way to get rid of unwanted inventory.

Using GS1 compliant GCNs (Global Coupon Numbers) you can identify a coupon uniquely, scan a coupon to retrieve or track the key data and guard against misidentification and fraud. The Global Coupon Number can be used as a barcode at Point-of-Sale (POS) or processed in online stores. The GS1 Global Coupon Number enables you to share information regarding coupon offer conditions, redemption of coupons and coupon publication with all trading parties. Contact Perinovus to discuss how you can get coupons for your products today.

Label/Barcode Design:

Whether you need a Universal Product Code, shipping label, an asset, document or location identified, we’re here to help. As a business owner, it can be overwhelming to learn all the specifications of barcodes and especially difficult ensuring you’re following the latest industry standards. The supply chain is a demanding, fast-paced and ever changing industry. Understanding the field is essential and the responsibilities can vary from organization.

Whether you’re not sure what barcode to use, what labels to use and where to place them on your logistics unit or what your next step, we’re here to help. Call or email Perinovus today to find out how we can design your barcodes for you.

Image Files:

A bitmap is an array of pixels where each pixel has a value that represents the color of the pixel. When you attempt to make a barcode image file larger by simply dragging the image file to the edge to make it wider, you add unnecessary pixels to this picture and destroy the degree of being scannable to the image.

The best way to create and deliver barcodes in the graphic industry is vector style. The WMF (Windows MetaFile) and the EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) graphics are vector files.

Adhering to barcode and label specifications can cut penalty fees and fines and most importantly, save time and money. At Perinovus, we have software designed to deliver your barcodes to the proper file you need.