By increasing and improving the communication of information that accompanies each package, pallet or shipping unit, transportation and logistics companies can gain a

  • competitive advantage
  • access to real-time information
  • improve responsiveness
  • cut operating costs

In every scan of a parcel’s movement, it takes note of the date and time, location and then forwarded to every party – including the customer.

Barcodes are equipped to encode information such as zip codes, locations and other vital details. Most logistic units use ASN (Advance Shipping Notices which include the SSCC – the Serial Shipping Container Code. If you’re transporting or storing your logistic unit, you will need an SSCC. Your SSCC, a globally unique 18-digit number and an ISO standard for logistics unit, will be stored on your Logistics Label among other information such as product variant, dates such as the production, expiration, best before, the lot batch and serial numbers.

If you’re looking to encode more information for your trade item, locations, logistic units and assets within the supply chain, your case or pallet can be identified with a GS1-128. A GS1-128 is barcode that reaches up to 48 characters, encodes all the application identifiers (AI) to share important information such as bill to, invoicing, batch/lot numbers, serial numbers, SSCC, locations and so much more and is able to be processed in just one scan.

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